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Minimise your total energy costs and risks with our help

The challenge of business or industry today are many things, one of them is the rise up of the cost of fossil energy. One of our services is to help you to reduce the energy cost while maintain the same quality level.  We have products and methods to save the energy cost. Oneso Engineering Consultation provides solutions for buildings of all types.


Managemen pengunaan listrik    Managemen Energi     Managemen Energi

                                                   Monitor and analize the energy usage dan sources


Our approach energy efficiency improvement from a low or no-capital investment perspective, and work in close collaboration with clients to identify, and prioritize energy savings opportunities as well as develop managing processes that will enable sustainability of gains. Through this close collaboration, an improvement roadmap is developed to prioritize and execute improvement projects and managing processes. The objective of the improvement roadmap is to drive continuous improvement in energy performance, long-term cost savings, and reduction in carbon emissions.


We focus on these types of businesses because their teams are typically focused on operating the business rather than searching for sustainability solutions. We help these businesses design and implement energy efficiency and sustainability solutions without keeping manpower from running the core aspects of their businesses.


Some of the ideas to reduce are in these area;

  • The energy source

  • The usage of energy

  • The equipment

  • The methods

  • and The systems and/or Management System

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Solar Cell      Wind Power

                                Harveting the sun power                                                           Harvesting the wind energy     


      maglev wind turbine

The Maglev Wind Turbine


Panasonic HIT Solar Cell

               Use the latest technology to harvesting the sun for tropical country with HIT or newer technology

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